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What Kinds Of Mesh Fabrics Are There?

Feb 17, 2020

Mesh tulle and other bead yarn fabrics are composed of warp yarns and weft yarns. The weft yarns are wound around each warp yarn at an oblique angle from one side to the other. Half of the weft yarns are in one direction and the other half of the weft yarns are in the other direction. direction. These weft yarns together with the warp yarns form a mesh; the mesh can be regular hexagonal, square or diamond-shaped (Newell mesh fabric). The other is a hexagonal mesh tulle (Mechelin mesh tulle), consisting of several warp yarns and a series of bottom threads that are only wound longitudinally between two parallel warp yarns.

Bobinot mesh tulle is a special mesh tulle composed of three groups of yarns-knitted mesh fabric: the first group is the same vertical parallel warp yarn as the ordinary mesh tulle; the second group is the pattern yarn ( The so-called pattern yarn is because it forms a pattern), the group of yarns alternates along the vertical warp yarn from time to time, and from one warp yarn to another vertical warp yarn, which is usually adjacent, thus forming an irregular quadrilateral or dotted with triangular meshes. The meshes of other shapes; the third group is the twisted warp yarn, which wraps the vertical warp and fixes the pattern yarn on the vertical warp. The above-mentioned triangular meshes are closely grouped together to create an opaque part of the pattern.

The mesh fabric has three sets of yarns: parallel warp yarns, mesh yarns, and binder yarns (for example, square mesh fabrics). Each mesh yarn alternates along different warp directions, from one warp yarn to another warp yarn, thereby forming a square mesh. The binding yarn binds the mesh yarn to the warp yarn in some places to fix the fabric.

The knotted mesh fabric has a uniform square or diamond mesh, and is knotted at each corner of the mesh, so the yarn cannot be pulled apart. This product can be woven by hand or by machine.

3D mesh cloth, commonly used materials: polyester, polyester cotton, polyester nylon. Fabric characteristics:

(1) High elasticity, moisture permeability, breathability, antibacterial and mildew proof.

(2) Wear-resistant, washable,

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