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The Use Of Knitted Fabrics

Mar 03, 2020

1. Clothing made of knitted fabrics is comfortable to wear, fits snugly, has no sense of restraint, and can fully reflect the curves of the human body. Suitable for clothing such as underwear, tights and sportswear.

2. After changing the structure and improving the dimensional stability, the knitted fabric can also be used as a jacket.

3. The cloth can be woven into a grey cloth first, which can be cut and sewn into a variety of knitwear.

4. Directly woven into fully-formed or partially-formed products, such as socks and gloves.

5. Cloth has also been widely used in industry, agriculture, medical and health fields. Such as filter cloth for dust removal, high-pressure pipes for oil and gas transmission, safety nets for construction, fishing nets, bandages and knee pads.

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