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Functional Fabric Selection

Apr 05, 2020

First of all, the comfort of the fabric is the first issue that should be considered. The comfort design of the fabric mainly includes physiological comfort and psychological comfort, which is specifically reflected in the thermal insulation, moisture permeability, breathability, tactile and visual comfort of the fabric.

Choose the appropriate clothing fabric for different seasons. In summer, pay attention to permeability, try to use cotton and hemp with better moisture permeability, but hemp is harder than cotton, has poor elasticity, and is prone to wrinkling. It may feel itchy when worn, so if you wear it closely, Mr. Zhang It is still recommended to use cotton fabric clothing. In addition, light and smooth fabrics or silk fabrics with high yarn count and low warp and weft density are also good choices.

Winter fabrics can enhance thermal insulation, and try to choose woolen fabrics with low thermal conductivity. Medium-thick and soft fabrics with low yarn counts and large warp and weft density, or specially processed and post-treated fabrics, such as, brushed, raised, and composite fabrics are also suitable for winter.

Practical and stylish

In the development and application of fabrics, technology makes the fabrics more beautiful and at the same time has better technicality, such as anti-ultraviolet functional fabrics, optically variable fabrics and individual fabrics have begun to enter the sales terminal. Various functional fabrics such as no-iron, waterproof, anti-fouling, etc. are now very common.

Knitted fabric manufacturers believe that the choice of functional fabric should be better than the choice of appearance according to the physical characteristics of the elderly.

Ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin very strongly, and can penetrate the surface and dermis layers of the skin, causing the skin to relax, leading to the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and freckles. If the ultraviolet radiation is excessive, it can also cause skin cancer. Anti-ultraviolet fabric can block more than 80% of the damage of ultraviolet rays to human body. In summer, the elderly can choose anti-ultraviolet textile fabric shirts, T-shirts and other clothing to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

The light-variable personality fabric can quickly change the original color and pattern of the fabric under the illumination of outdoor sunlight or night lights, which can not only add fashion and novelty, but also increase the safety of walking at night. Put on temperature-change clothing, when the temperature reaches a certain height (such as the wearer's fever or the wearer's clothing touches a high-temperature external object, the discoloration of the temperature-change clothing is a timely reminder to the wearer to protect his body from harm, Increase the safety of clothing and rich sense of fashion.

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