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UV-resistant home textile fabric

Apr 02, 2020

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. If people are exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, dermatitis, pigmentation, accelerated skin aging, and even canceration will occur. If the textiles can be made into UV-resistant textiles, the harm to the human body will be greatly reduced. There are two treatment methods for anti-ultraviolet radiation: one is the finishing method; the other is to directly make anti-ultraviolet fiber, and then weave the fiber into a fabric. The so-called anti-ultraviolet fiber is made by melt-spinning the ultraviolet shielding agent, and the matrix has synthetic fibers or artificial fibers. The fabric has a shielding rate of ultraviolet rays of more than 95%. It is suitable for making curtains and other household ultraviolet rays textile.

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