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Main characteristics of spandex fabric

Mar 06, 2020

Spandex is a polyurethane fiber. Because it has excellent elasticity, it is also known as elastic fiber and has been widely used in apparel fabrics. The main characteristics of spandex fabric are:

(1) The spandex elasticity is very high. The general products do not use 100% polyurethane, and the proportion of 5-30% is mostly mixed in the fabric. The various spandex fabrics obtained have a comfortable elasticity of 15% -45%.

⑵Spandex fabric is usually made of composite yarn, that is, with spandex as the core, and other fibers (such as nylon, polyester, etc.) as the leather layer to make the core-spun elastic fabric. It has good adaptability to the body and is very suitable for tights. No sense of oppression.

⑶ The appearance style and consumption performance of spandex elastic fabric are similar to the similar products of the outer fiber fabric covered.

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