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Characteristics of nylon

Mar 24, 2020

1. Excellent mechanical properties. Nylon has high mechanical strength and good toughness.

2. Good self-lubricity and friction resistance. Nylon has good self-lubricating properties and a small coefficient of friction, so that it has a long service life as a transmission component.

3. Excellent heat resistance. High crystalline nylon such as nylon 46 has a high heat distortion temperature and can be used at 150 ° C for a long period of time. After PA66 is reinforced by glass fiber, its heat deformation temperature reaches above 250 ℃.

4. Excellent electrical insulation performance. Nylon has high volume resistance and high breakdown voltage. It is an excellent electrical and electrical insulation material.

5. Excellent weather resistance.

6. Water absorption. Nylon has high water absorption, and saturated water can reach more than 3%. To a certain extent, it affects the dimensional stability of the parts.

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