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Basic introduction to warp knitted fabrics

Mar 15, 2020

Knitting is a method of forming fabrics, and the resulting fabrics are called knitted fabrics. The knitted fabric is formed by looping the loops with each other, and the knitted fabric can be divided into a warp knitted fabric and a weft knitted fabric according to the direction of yarn formation in the fabric. The names of warp knitting and weft knitting come from woven. Weaving is the oldest textile process. Woven fabrics are made by interlacing longitudinal warp yarns and transverse weft yarns. In warp knitting, the same yarn forms one loop in the warp direction (longitudinal direction) of the fabric; in weft knitting, the same yarn forms one loop in the weft direction (transverse direction) of the fabric. Only one (or a limited number of) yarns are needed to form a weft knitted fabric, while one or several sets of yarn pieces are required to form a warp knitted fabric, each piece of yarn piece is composed of many yarns.

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