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Antibacterial home textile fabric

Apr 05, 2020

Textile fabrics with antibacterial function play an extremely important role in preventing the invasion of germs. The daily necessities made with antibacterial functional textile fabrics have gradually been paid attention to by people, and with the development of science and technology, they have been widely and deeply radiated to the details of life in. For example, the use of textiles and household articles made of anti-mite and anti-bacterial fibers can not only suppress mites and repel mites, effectively prevent the occurrence of skin diseases related to dust mites, but also antibacterial and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, so as to improve people's living environment. purpose. Antibacterial home textiles can be obtained by coating or resin finishing on fabrics. Natural pure textiles often use this finishing technology. The antibacterial agent can also be added to the fiber stock solution for blending and spinning, or the ordinary fiber can be grafted with the antibacterial agent to obtain the antibacterial fiber, and then the antibacterial fiber can be woven to obtain the antibacterial household textile. Currently widely used antibacterial products include bedding, cotton wool, bed sheets, towels, towel covers, cotton blankets, carpets, bathrobes, rags, sand releases, wall coverings, mousses, tablecloths, napkins, shower curtains, etc.

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