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Advantages of melt-spun spandex fabric

Feb 26, 2020

Melt-spun spandex yarn is a high-grade fiber with high elasticity and high elongation. Melt-spun spandex fabric has unparalleled advantages of dry-spun spandex. It is green and environmentally friendly, low modulus, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable to wear, and stylish. Known as the second skin of the human body, it is called "aristocratic silk" and "golden silk".

Melt-spun spandex yarn meets US Class A clothing standards (Class A is for infants and young children), and can be made into fabrics that directly contact the skin. In recent years, the spandex industry has developed rapidly and its application fields have continued to expand. It has gradually become a popular material for mass consumption through the "textile industry MSG".

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